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myApps is a one stop shop for the agency end user community; providing access to wvOASIS Budget, Financial, HRM, Payroll and Kronos applications. It’s also the access point to Employee Self Service (ESS), as well as training and meeting materials and the system maintenance calendar.

State Employees: How Do I Find My Paycheck Stub?


The West Virginia Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal

Click on the VSS Training link at the top of this page for the latest VSS resources.

If you are registering for the West Virginia CARES Act Small Business Grant Program, you DO NOT NEED TO PAY THE $125 REGISTRATION FEE. Simply click the Pay Later button to skip.

If you are a current vendor or you plan on doing business with the State within the next year, you will also need to Register for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Otherwise, this is not required.

VSS Portal

VSS Maintenance Calendar